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Great app

I highly recomend this app. I time all triathlons for our organization. 12 to 16 events per years. I used to work with banana race timer for palm pilots. This app does everything better. Now, if could just be able to do swim/t1/bike/t2/run splits. That would be worth 6 stars.

It's a winner!

We've used the App for two races now (a Five Mile run and a Triathlon) and have been thrilled with the results. We plan on using it for all our future races. Very easy and intuitive to use on my iPad. It saves so much time by instantly tabulating results. I was able to record the time of the last finisher and walk right over to deliver the results and awards. Editing is very simple (race day registration, racers changing categories, two racers finishing at same time, whoops I missed a racer, entered the wrong bib number, etc.) There are so many ways to customize the results to fit your race. Lastly, the support staff is actually SUPPORT staff. They've answered emails promptly as I was figuring out the App with detailed suggestions.

Great app

I used this app on an IPad at 2x to time 4 races in three days. It worked perfectly. Results were flawless and saved me many hours of figuring results. The racers were very happy to be able to see their results instantly. It is a little geeky to download information to but it was easy to email results to myself for printing. It took less than an hour to set up the information for each race manually. When timing a criterium where racers were doing multiple laps it was not feasible to try and time each racer every time around instead I assigned a the number 0 to the pack and put that number in a separate category and put all of the numbers of the race separated by a comma in the name field. This way I only had to time the group once and time individual riders only when they left the pack when they broke away or got dropped and on the finishing lap. This app is very well thought out and flexible and can be adapted to many different race situations. Things that I would like to see in future versions The ability to download information from a spread sheet instead of a text file Information on how to upload results to a public dropbox folder or a pogo plug public folder on the web

iPad version?

Good app, but would like to see the following improvements: - iPad version (take advantage of bigger screen) - Support for Grand Masters scoring - Phone keypad layout for numbers

No Splits? Why?

Great for small scale running events but, unfortunately the software doesn't allow splits for Du's, Tri's and Adventure Races which is what our company produces. C'mon Stevens Creek hook a brotha up and allow splits! I can live without Transition Times but gotta have the splits! Still happy to support products like this 'cause this is a great step in the right direction for an ECONOMICAL and portable solution for race timing. Good work but man it could (and should) be GREAT with SPLITS!

Not nearly as good as the Palm OS version

First of all, I love this product - at least the Palm OS version. I race direct triathlons for our club and have been using the Palm OS version of this for a while. So I was excited to see it ported over to the iPhone. Unfortunately, it leaves a lot to be desired. It would be great if the app integrated with the Apple Address Book for importing participant data. Sure you can export as a text file, but that's a workaround. The biggest let down is the inability of this product to convert the lap times to splits. Even with the Palm OS, this was quite a cumbersome process (post-race). After converting the laps to splits, you had to look at each bib number and then find that corresponding bib in your overall standings. Things get really hairy when someone DNFs. Then you have to find the number and delete it so it doesn't screw up your standings. I'm still a fan of this product, but for all practical purposes I will have to still use my Palm OS version to time my races. Hopefully the developer can address the two concerns I have with this app.

Can be a little glitchy in the heat of the moment

Compared to other products available for less then $100 this is the best I've tried. I have a few relatively minor complaints. 1) The screen size is a limiting factor because it means that you can only display so much info at one time. This is simply a limitation of the device, the programmers have actually done a nice job making the most of what's available. 2) When trying to fix mistakes (i.e. put in wrong bib number of blank bib number and need to go back to correct) you have to scroll away from the current finishers and then when you enter the correction mode it obscures the screen. going back to quickly add a new runner crossing the line it occasionally glitches and I have to exit and restart. 3) If you enter a bib number that has already been entered there is nothing to let you know this has happened. It would be nice if it created a beep and then the matching bib number finishing times were displayed in a different color (making it easy to find the duplicates). 4) You have the option of compiling/uploading only selected bib number range. This is very helpful if for example you are simultaneously running a 5K and 10K. When you upload the next data range, however, it replaces the previous upload. In order to upload to different web pages (i.e. a 5K results page and a 10K results page) you need to exit the program and go to the main preferences page in the iPhone setup program. You should be able to easily specify upload pages from within the upload dialogue box to be able to more easily upload different race results. 5) It would be nice to have the option to exclude overall finishers from the age group rankings. Overall I'm pretty happy with the program. The ability to automatically upload nicely formatted results to a web page is definitely a plus!

Great Product

Seems to be a great product. Would like to see two modifications. 1) Be able to remove top overall finishers from their age categories as already mentioned. 2) You can now accidentally enter the same bib # twice. It would be great it there was a warning when you attempted to do that. Haven't used it in a live race yet, but all the simulations I have run seem to work great. 3) One more, if you accidentally record a finish and then delete the time under the edit option, it places it with a 0 time at the top of your results on the timer screen. It is not included in the results, which is good, but it would be nice if it didn't show up at all once it was deleted. Thanks, great product.

Excellent! - clean and simple interface - post results directly to the web

I'm giving this five stars, but I would also like to see the list of improvements that was listed in the first review. A masters option, a queue for entering runners ahead of time and the option to remove the top 3 overall from the age groups. I've used the Palm version for the last few years, but this far exceeds it. Posting results directly to the web is smooth and an added bonus.


Great Product. I only wish it was capable of doing five other things. 1) Please add a feature that allows you to put upcoming finishers in a list, that way a volunteer can call out numbers as they approach the finish. Timers can then line up their numbers in a queue and then hit record as each one finishes. Sometimes it's tough to see numbers in a group as they all finish at once. 2) I wish there was a place to do splits and/or different sports as in Triathlons and Duathlons. 3) Also I wish there was a feature that allowed you to choose to not display the overall or to only display it. Right now it displays OVERALL, GENDER, and AGE Divisions. It would be nice to have a choice of whether or not you want 1, 2, or all of those instead of being forced to get a list of results with all of them. It's a bit much at times. 4) I wish there was an option to take overall winners and remove them from their age groups. This can be done manually when the list is printed BUT it'd still be a nice option. 5) Lastly I don't see a Masters option in the results. That'd be nice. Even with these 5+ fixes it's still a GREAT product!!!

Scott Fleet Feet Carson City

We are timing our new winter race series with PocketTimer Pro. We had our first race this weekend, and the program was outstanding. The timing functions worked flawlessly. My only concern was about having to download directly to an ftp site. After only a brief conversation with them, they are updating the software to have the option to email results as well. They are an awesome company to deal with and this is a great product.

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